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Welcome, readers...

I have been a full-time freelance writer and editor since 1987 and have a broad background in journalism, opinion columns, syndicated features, humor articles, book reviews, essays, and fiction. I hope this website will offer a sampling of some of the work that I have done, as well as an ongoing record of my reviews, speaking engagements, writer's workshops, and other literary events. Please note: I am NOT Martha C. White (who writes business-related articles for the NYTimes, etc.)

The majority of my work has been in free lance magazine and newspaper articles and essays. I worked as a contributing editor for about 17 years for Yankee Publishing and The Old Farmer's Almanac, and for much of that time I wrote two weekly syndicated columns for them through the United Feature syndicate. At the same time, I have also been free lancing, with published articles in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, Country Journal, Down East Magazine, Early American Life, Family Circle, Garden Design, Hope Magazine, Maine Boats Homes & Harbors, New Choices, New Women, Readers Digest (reprints), Yankee Magazine and other national publications. See the "My Works" page for a more detailed list or an example of one of my recent personal essays.

I write about the small moments of our lives, from keeping a small flock of hens to gardening or traveling or waiting patiently for a child to be born. Many of my essays and articles for The Old Farmer's Almanac were about the natural world, from the moon and the tides to keeping goats or pigs or raising a kitchen garden for herbs or home remedies. My first published article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, in fact, had to do with answering the mail as an Almanac editor and needing to know the superstitions, zodiac signs, long-range weather forecasts, tide calendar and other "signs" that may govern our daily lives.

Letters and letter writing have long been of special interest to me. I have written articles about love letters, Valentines, children's letters from summer camp, and Christmas newsletters. It was my special pleasure to be the editor of my grandfather's biographical book of letters, when it was revised and updated in 2006. E.B. White's goddaughter, Dorothy Lobrano Guth, had helped him put together the first edition, published in 1976. After his death in 1985, it became apparent that the second edition should include the last ten years of additional letters, as well as some previously unpublished photographs. HarperCollins published the revised Edition in November 2006. Since then, I have compiled two more collections of E. B. White's work, "In the Words of E. B. White; Quotations from America's Most Companionable of Writers," for Cornell University Press, in 2011; and most recently, "E. B. White on Dogs," for Tilbury House, Publishers, in the Spring, 2013.